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Care And Fitting

Professional Vision Center

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We Offer Same-Day Fittings; the Latest in Contact Lens Care
Because many new types of contact lenses are available for a variety of vision problems, we strongly recommend that anyone considering contacts first consult a professional, such as the Dr. Armando Rafael, who specializes in this area. Our office places an emphasis on providing you with the latest in contact lens care. We have modern equipment for the evaluation, fitting and follow-up care of contact lens patients.

Professional Fitting Is Required
The fitting properties of a lens are determined by several factors including lens curvature, diameter and power. The all-important factor is that the lens must fit well enough to center properly but not so tight as to prevent an adequate oxygen supply to the cornea. Also, the lens prescription must properly correct your vision problem. Considerable professional judgment is required in obtaining the best fit. Frequently a lens must be worn several weeks to determine if the oxygen supply is sufficient and the eye is adapting properly.

Follow-up Care Is the Key to Long Term Success
The most important ingredient for long-term success with contact lenses: ongoing professional care. Like any medical device, contact lenses must be monitored on a regular basis. This is to ensure that your corneas are healthy and the lenses are fitting properly.

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